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We Have Courtesy Cars Available.....
For A Low Daily Cost

Our Courtesy Car Fleet

We have 6 courtesy cars in our fleet, so there is a good chance, that if you need one, we can offer you a car to use, at a low cost, whilst we are working on your vehicle.

Then you wont need to be stranded without a vehicle to use.

p.s. they are not Ferraris but they are fully functional and will serve you well.

What's the cost of our courtesy cars

We offer our courtesy cars at just £18 + VAT per day, or part day.

This only covers the wear and tear and running costs. We don't profit from offering this service, but it helps our customers tremendously.

Drop your car off to us, take one of our courtesy cars away with you (subject availability) then drop it back to us when we have completed the work on your car, and take your car away!

Nice and simple and stress free for you

Our cars are always supplied with a full tank of fuel before you take them away. You just need to make sure that they have been filled back up to full again, when they arrive back with us.

If you don't fill the fuel tank back to full then, of course, we will have to charge you for that. So its very simple, make use of our courtesy cars, use them as you wish (no rallying) and simply top the fuel tank up, just before you drop them back off to us.

Please ask about our courtesy cars when you book your vehicle in for an MOT or Servicing and/or repairs.

Our courtesy cars are very popular, so please enquire, if you should need one, as early as possible.
For not too much money you can keep yourself mobile and carry on with your day, whilst we have your vehicle in our workshop for any work.

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Courtesy Cars Available Here: Welcome
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